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Emailing through your own service doesn’t always guarantee delivery, and can sometimes leave you without knowing that an email has bounced or has been rejected. Since often you will receive a “mailer demon” response back for a bounce, sometimes these bounces aren’t always sent by the receiving servers, and you don’t know for certain that all emails were received. With Truemailer you can see which emails have bounced, tell which ones have opened your email, as well as use the reporting to help with your marketing. Our deliverability rate is 97% which means 97% pass through to an inbox.

Create Emails With Ease

Whether you're new to email marketing or are a seasoned pro, we have email creation options to suit your style. Our tools take the work out of email creation and guide you through, step-by-step.

You'll hit the ground running when you use one of our 700 professional, pre-designed email templates, perfect for any size or type of business. Or if you're sporting some technical mojo, you can customize a template, or upload your own HTML. We make it quick, easy and nearly effortless.

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